Online Webinar « School on the Cloud: dealing with a paradigm shift in education »

Presented by the Education and Culture Committee – Working group: Good use of digital media within the educational practice: A challenge for formal and non-formal education and a democratic citizenship;

Webinar – April 27, 2017, 19.00-20.00 (Central European Time)

« School on the Cloud: dealing with a paradigm shift in education »






Organised by Per Thrane (EPEA Member)

One of the strongest trends in business is a swift towards internet based services.

Everything needed to create fully internet based schools is already invented, it just have to be organized and put into practice.

The webinar will discuss how and why this shift will take place and how the foundations for understanding a school and learning practices will move into a new paradigm.

Presented by Karl Donert (EUROGEO President)

The link for the registration is:

The webinar will be in English without translation

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