Representation de l’AEEMA au Conseil de L’Europe

Christiaan Colpaert

Born in 1935, he has a daughter and two sons, and is the grandfather of Alexia, Vic, Pauwel and Fred.

After many years of professional life in Belgium and seven years in Africa, he past the Entrance Examination of the Polytechnic School and forked towards medicine and dentistry.

He is bachelor in medicine (UCL 1967), master in dental sciences (UCL 1969) and graduate in complementary studies (KUL 2004).

Former in charge of probationers for the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and former resident in charge of teaching  at the Université Catholique de Louvain (fixed prosthodontics), he followed further trainings (third cycle) in maxillo-facial orthodontics in Leuven, (Pr. Dr. Biourge) in hospital management in Brussels, in implantology in Liège, New York  and Bordeaux 2, third cycle in parodontology in Leuven. (Pr. Dr. D. Van Steenberghe)

He has his own practice since 1969 in Leuven and Brussels.

He made presentations on the following subjects:

– Cellular Regeneration in parodontology (Mons 1996), in Liege, he defended a thesis “Anatomy and movement of the TMJ”,on the axes of the condyles of the mandible (ÉLOPI, Liege 1995), Amélogénine (Constanta 2004),

– Abrasion (Namur 2004), Dentistry with Minimal Invasion (Brussels 2004 and Constanta 2005), Problems targeted in dentistry, the social Implication of dentistry in Europe (Constanta 2005).

He wrote an analysis of the indices in orthodontics (the Newspaper of the dentist, May 2005)

He made a study  on the establishment of the dentists’ surgeries in Belgium (School of Public health, Brussels 1975), on a survey in connection with the creation of the occupation of oral hygienists in Belgium ( School of Dentistry, Leuven 2004). a study on the TMJ (accepted for publication Implantologie Nov. 2005).

He is member of many national dental associations.

On international level he is,

In dentistry,

– in charge  for the honourable Pierre Fauchard Academy,  for the Section Belgium-Luxembourg and promoter for the Section Romania

– international treasurer of the « European Union of the Practitioners of Dental Medicine »

At the Council of Europe he is

– Member of the Standing Committee of the Congress of INGO

– Deputy Chairman of the Group for Equal Chances for man and woman,

– Chairman of the Task Force on Education and Health

– Permanent representative at the Participative Assembly of the Council of Europe where he sits since 1980,  in charge for the Union Européenne des Praticiens en Médecine Dentaire and for the Association Européenne pour l’Education aux Média Audiovisuels (AEEMA),

– Member of the Commission for Science, Education and Culture.

He is the author of the preliminary draft of additional protocol to the human s rights (adopted unanimously in March 1993): Right to education.

He took part in the group of study for the teaching of the human s rights in secondary education (Drobeta Turnu Severin 1995), at the Council of Europe-African Union top for the North-South co-operation (Tlemcen 2002) and at the Forum on Universality of Human Rights (Oslo 2010).

He was in charge as Scientific Chairman on the International Congress on Posturology, Pr. Dr. M. V. Constantinescu (Bucarest 2005)

He is founder member of the Association Européenne pour l’Education aux Média Audiovisuels (Paris 1989).