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Firstly, we at The Film Space hope that you are all safe and well at this time.

With schools, colleges, universities and cinemas closing for the foreseeable future many parents will no doubt be desperate to find things for their children to do and many teenagers at a loose end or revising for their examinations (if they take place!).

We are pleased to advise that all our online educational resources will continue to be available, free of charge, for use in or out of schools and colleges, during the enforced shutdowns. The resources include interesting activities, worksheets involving analysis, research and critical thinking.

With our 400+ film related, curriculum and subject appropriate resources, online at: and,
we are confident that pupils, students and parents will find something to assist, support and interest them whether studying or not. We are happy for students and parents to download any of our resources.

We have also developed a free mass online open course (MOOC) on behalf of the Film Distributors’ Association on Connecting Films with Audiences available at This popular resource provides a practical, detailed overview of the procuring, marketing and business processes involved in creating audiences for films released in cinema.

In addition, you may be interested in another course, available free from FutureLearn in which we have been indirectly involved: Film Education: A User’s Guide. This course looks at a variety of approaches to the teaching of film from a critical, creative and cultural perspective.

The course is available at:

To keep up to date with our activities and to receive notification of new releases why not follow us on facebook and/or Twitter, using the links below. 

Again, in these difficult times, keep well!