Information disorder: What can we do?

PACE committee debate: “Democracy  hacked: how to respond?”

On 25th of June 2018, Patrick Penninckx, the Head of the Information Society Department presented the conclusions of the report “Information Disorder” in front of the PACE Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy. The report examines the modern information pollution and provides a new framework for policy makers, legislators, researchers, technologists and practitioners on mis-, dis- and mal-information. It also offers specific recommendations for technology companies, national governments and civil society.

The PACE committee session on “Democracy hacked: how to respond?”, chaired by the thematic rapporteur Frithjof Schmidt (Germany, Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group) has equally included a presentation on security of elections by Simona Granata-Menghini, deputy secretary of the Venice Commission.


 Report « Information Disorder: Toward an interdisciplinary framework for research and policy making »

 Leaflet on the Information Disorder Report

 Presentation of Patrick Penninckx, Head of the Information Society Department

Source : PACE committee debate: “Democracy hacked: how to respond?” – News

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